Cortland, NY

Cortland Freight House - The NYSW's freight house in Cortland, NY is available for industries located in Central New York who wish to take advantage of the cost efficiencies of rail transportation, but who lack a rail siding. The 6,000 square foot facility has two truck docks (ceiling height 13" 5") and four railcar unloading spots.
Cortland Freight House

Cortland Industrial Track - In the summer of 2000, NYSW, along with the Cortland County Industrial Development Corporation, completed construction of an industrial rail unloading facility in Cortland, NY to serve the rail needs of off-line industries in the Central New York area.
The Cortland Industrial provides public team track capability with 15 railcar spots. Steam heating services are available to facilitate the transfer of liquid commodities between railcars and bulk trucks.  


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