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Employment Opportunities

NYSW has the following openings:

Railroad Equipment Mechanic at Butler, NJ

The NYSW actively seeks candidates with military experience.

NYSW Fuel Surcharge

Effective MBFSC
9/1/21 $0.34



Fuel Surcharge Archive

Rate & Tariff Changes

NYSW has issued the following tariffs:

NYSW 29116-13
covering asphalt, tar, pitches, and elevated temperature products.

NYSW 24211-20
covering lumber and related panel products.

NYSW 28211-20
covering plastics products.

NYSW 37411-16
covering locomotives and railway cars.


Welcome to the website of the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway

The NYSW operates over 400 miles of track in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and is 286,000 pound gross weight capable on all lines. We serve over 85 Customers and transport a wide range of commodities such as feed ingredients, lumber and other building materials, chemicals and aggregates for Customers in New York State; and plastics, lumber, food products, paper products, motor vehicles, chemicals, aggregates, and metals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

NYSW Territory

The NYSW has connections with two Class I railroads:

CSXlogo CSX Transportation - North Bergen, NJ; Syracuse, NY; Utica, NY

NSlogo Norfolk Southern - Binghamton, NY; Marion Interchange, NJ

Click on the map to download or view a more detailed PDF version (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Click here to see NYSW's Industrial Development Site Map


The NYSW serves several state-of-the-art Bulk Transfer / Distribution Facilities for lumber, plastics, liquid and dry food products, chemicals, and motor vehicles. These facilities, located in the heart of the Metropolitan New York market out of the shared asset area, and in upstate New York, offer off-rail freight customers a means of shipping and receiving goods at competitive freight rates and fast, reliable service. All of our facilities are located within easy access to major highways for efficient distribution of your freight to its ultimate consumption point.

Our Marketing and Sales group in Cooperstown, NY welcomes the opportunity to discuss how the NYSW can assist you in becoming a low-cost supplier by driving down your logistics costs through competitive access. Whether you are looking to locate a facility in a strategic area in Metropolitan or Central New York, or expand an existing facility, the NYSW can assist with industrial development including site location, market feasibility, design, engineering, government relations, and locating sources of funding. We can also help you maximize your transportation pricing options over all possible routing combinations from where your shipments originate to their ultimate destination. We are dedicated to offering personalized Customer Service for car tracing, problem solving, and finding creative ways to expedite your shipments.

We invite you to Contact Us or visit our headquarters in scenic Cooperstown, NY to discuss your plans. The NYSW Railway looks forward to the opportunity to help you meet your distribution requirements.


COVID-19 Update

May 1, 2020

To all of our valued customers and business partners:

In the month since I last wrote regarding the impact of, and NYS&W's response to, the COVID-19 pandemic, NYS&W has continued to follow, and exceed, the recommended practices issued by the CDC and other governmental authorities for facility cleaning, social distancing, staggering of work shifts, monitoring of employee health, providing current information to our employees on best practices to avoid the virus, and requiring employees with symptoms and known or suspected exposure to self-quarantine and stay home. I am pleased to report that only one of NYS&W's employees has tested positive for the virus; he is recovering well at home and expected to return to work soon.

Operationally, NYS&W's interchanges with its Class I railroad partners remain fluid with no delays. Similarly, although we have adjusted our planned 2020 capital improvements and train schedule in light of reduced freight volumes, NYS&W's service to our customers has not been negatively impacted.

This week, we are beginning to look forward with some optimism to re-opening of some sectors of the economy in May. Given that re-establishing supply chains can present as many challenges as shutting them off, we ask that you continue to keep us informed of your plans and of any needs you can anticipate.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Nathan R. Fenno, President

For more information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC website.

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