NYSW has several locations on our rail lines which are set up for the transfer of products between railcars and truck. The locations offer strategic access to the markets that are served by the NYSW system. The combination of rail and truck transportation allows our customers to benefit by combining the competitive strength of long-haul rail with the convenience of local truck delivery.

The NYSW rail network is equipped to handle just about any product or commodity. All of our rail lines are cleared for maximum weight of 286,000 lbs. per railcar and Plate F size. Further, our network offers competitive rail connections through interchanges with both Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation

CSX: Interchanges at Syracuse (SYRAC) NY and North Bergen (NBERG) NJ
NS: Interchanges at Binghamton (BING) NY and Marion Interchange (MINTG) NJ

Contact any one of us within the NYSW’s sales and marketing department for more information about our terminal offerings and to discuss rail shipment opportunities to or from our New York or New Jersey terminals.

NYSW Location Commodity / Capability Transfer / Distribution Co.
North Bergen, NJ Bulk Products
Dimensional Loads
Motor Vehicles
Steel Products
SBS Lumber, Resources Warehouse
SBS Lumber, Resources Warehouse
SBS Lumber
SBS Auto
Resources Warehouse
Little Ferry Yard, NJ Bulk Products NYSW Marketing and CSX Transportation
Rochelle Park, NJ Palletized dry and refrigerated products Freight Connections
Saddle Brook, NJ Plastics
Bulk Products
Plastics Express
Modern Transportation
Oakland, NJ Dry & Liquid Food Grade Products (steam available) Carry Transit
Sparta, NJ Sugar & Dry Food Grade Products
Liquid and Dry Chemicals (steam available)
Specialty Chemicals
SBS Sparta
Heniff Transportation
Diversified CPC International
Superior Plus Energy
Binghamton, NY Bulk, Lumber, Steel Products
NYSW Marketing
Delaware Express
Cortland, NY Lumber
Bulk Products
Bestway Enterprise
NYSW Marketing
Lynn Scott Trucking

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