North Bergen NJ

North Bergen NJ is a key rail station on the NYS&W network. North Bergen is home to several rail to truck distribution facilities. The NYS&W property is conveniently located off of Secaucus Road near Routes 1 & 9 and the New Jersey Turnpike. The property is strategically located just outside of Manhattan and in the heart of North Jersey. With convenient access to virtually all major highways in northeastern New Jersey, North Bergen is a prime distribution site within the Metropolitan New York area.

North Bergen NJ

Lumber Facility – Susquehanna Bulk Systems – Lumber (SBS – Lumber) operates the NYSW lumber reload facility at North Bergen, NJ. The 10-acre facility is paved, fenced, lit, and secured. The Lumber Facility can accommodate various types of dimensional and panel products, shipped inbound via both boxcars and center beam flat railcars. The facility offers outside ground storage and has 5 fabric buildings for products that require inside storage. There are sections within the lumber facility that can be purposed for various non-lumber rail/truck transfer operations. The facility is open Monday-Friday, 6 AM to 2:30 PM (operations close at 1:30 PM on Friday to perform inventory and maintenance functions). The facility is open to all commercial truck carriers, and product shipments are coordinated between our customers and the SBS Lumber staff.

For more information about the lumber reload, please contact Phone: (201) 866-8035
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NYSW Auto Terminal

Auto Facility – Susquehanna Bulk Systems-Auto (SBS – Auto) manages the motor vehicle terminal at North Bergen NJ. This facility is located at 2480 Secaucus Road North Bergen, NJ 07047. The 19.8-acre site is paved, fenced, lit and equipped with a perimeter security system, on-site security personnel, and guarded full-time. The terminal is equipped to handle any passenger vehicles, both inbound and outbound. In addition, the facility is capable of handling specialized vehicles. The NYS&W auto facility is ISO 9001 certified and scored 98.91% on the most recent AAR audit.

For more information about the automotive facility, please contact Phone: (607) 592-2042
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Resources Warehouse and Trucking

Resources and NYS&W have established a proud history as business partners. In addition, the two companies share a property border at North Bergen NJ. Resources is family owned and has operated for over 30 years. The company offers transportation and logistics services that span rail, trucking and marine.

The services provided by Resources include:

For more information, please contact Resources directly Phone: (201) 348-6300

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